What They Say

I have trained with Shaun for 8 years now and cannot praise his approach highly enough. His core strengthening regime has not only prepared me for 2 strenuous and lengthy off road motorcycle trips across Africa, but perhaps more importantly, resulted in me cancelling a pre booked and highly invasive back surgery procedure. With a very busy diary, there are many appointments I end up cancelling, but I very rarely cancel my weekly session with Shaun.

Robin Hutson

After suffering with back pain and inflexibility following a boating accident, I decided I needed to work on my core strength and overall fitness, I was recommended Shaun.
I have worked with Shaun for over two and half years either once or twice a week, in the local gym. Shaun assessed my immediate physical needs and developed a training regime to improve my overall fitness and body tone. Each session is varied, full on, each exercise stretching my ability and physical strength, conducted with a good sense of humour and fun. Shaun has professionally managed to ease me into a regular life in a gym that historically had no appeal to me at all. For the last year and half there has been a significant improvement in my overall fitness and agility, being able to do many manual and physical tasks without any issues or recourse. Shaun has become a good friend and I would have no hesitation in recommending him……………but be prepared to challenge yourself!

Ian Coleman

When I first starting see Shaun my diet consisted solely of potato crisps and KFC. I couldn’t run more than 5kms without collapsing.
Shaun put me on a training and nutrition regime that shed 9kgs in 9 weeks and within 6 months I ran what is claimed the World’s Toughest Half Marathon in under 2hrs. I ran sub 4hr marathon within 12 months of first seeing him. Shaun is part Personal Trainer part Psychologist after all, they say fitness is 50% mental.

Tim Burnell

Shaun's a great guy to train with; he gauges my mood and pushes me to that limit. Working together has greatly improved my mobility and significantly reduced my back pain. As a result of my increased confidence to exercise and better understanding of diet, I lost over 4 stone. I feel more stronger, happier and healthier.
Shaun's advice and encouragement helps me to juggle my busy life. I always leave our session with renewed determination, I guess that's why I'm still coming back 4 years later .

G.H Southampton

Working with Shaun I got back on my road bike after 20 years. His training and encouragement got me through the 190 mile 2 day Mitie London Revolution ride. Many thanks.

Jeremy Wakeham

I never thought I could be a runner, but thanks to Shaun’s guidance I’ve completed 2 half marathons in the last year and get out as often as I can.

Cordelia Rogerson

In my experience Shaun is a friendly and professional personal trainer who uses his excellent knowledge of body movement and function to create an individual program specifically for your personal goals and needs. One of mine being postural correction with Shaun demonstrating and encouraging the correct way to perform exercise for maximum effect. He is motivational, experienced and keeps the training enjoyable. I highly recommend Shaun whatever your goals or training needs.

Gaynor Williams